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Princess Bubbles and Timelines

Back in April of this year, a person dear to me and Gatlin, wanted to commission me for a painting. I immediately agreed and was so happy to be able to paint a piece for her and her family. This piece took me awhile because I really wanted it to be special for this family. [...]

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The Beginning

Just Greater Plans started on the bathroom floor of MD Anderson in September 2015. Yes, a bathroom floor. My husband was battling cancer. He had been battling since February 2015. In July 2015, he received a seemingly clear PET scan. His tumor had been reduced from 8.5 cm to 3cm. That was a good tumor size [...]

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Taffy Collection

Here is a little back story to my first collection, Taffy: During my husband's second chemo treatment, we were only supposed to be in Houston for 5 days and ended up being there for 10. His blood counts were too low for treatment the first several days so he couldn't be admitted but he wasn't allowed to [...]

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