–  ABOUT ME  –

Welcome to Just Greater Plans! I’m Chanae and was born and raised in College Station, Texas. I have always had an appreciation for art. My mom took some elective art classes in college and had a natural talent. After college, she was a full time teacher, but continued painting as a hobby until she got married and had me and my sister. One of my favorite pieces that she painted now hangs in my studio. I remember as a child being drawn to that piece hanging in our house. Thirty years later, I am still drawn to it and I cannot specifically say why. I just love it and I like the joy that it brings me whenever I look at it.  

Growing up, I was always sketching and painting. I never thought that I could have a career in art. Like many, I went to college and earned a degree in a different field, but continued to paint in my spare time. Up until 2015, I had been painting for about 1o years and sold my art locally, but never fully allowed myself to take it further than that. However, in February 2015, my 31 year old husband was diagnosed with cancer and everything changed. Instantly, we were consumed with the woes of cancer and cancer treatment. In July of 2015, my husband’s cancer seemed to have responded to treatment, but came back a month later more aggressive than before.

It’s true what they say, when your life is completely changed, you begin to change the way you live. I began painting more and more. It was cathartic. I was finding inspiration for my art in my husband’s cancer. I know that sounds odd, but I had to change the way I saw his cancer. I decided I was going to use the negative of cancer and make it positive through my work. During my husband’s hospital stays at MD Anderson, I started taking pictures and sketching all of the things around me that inspired me. One particular night at the hospital, my husband had finally fallen asleep. He was so sick and in so much pain. I didn’t want to wake him up with the glow of the iPad and I didn’t want to leave his side so I went into the bathroom. I put a towel on the floor and sat down and started watching Netflix to take my mind off of things. While I was sitting there, ideas started flooding my mind. What if I could take my art farther? What if I opened up and showed what inspired me? As I was thinking of all of these things, I stumbled upon a quote on my phone, “If God knows why, I’m sure he also knows when, how and where. No but’s, no what if’s, just greater plans.” I did not know why my husband had an aggressive cancer. I did not know why his cancer took away our ability to have children. I did not know why a great person had to suffer so much at such a young age. However, in that moment, I knew that there had to be greater plans for us. We just had to keep looking forward. 

Just Greater Plans has started to become something I never thought would happen before my husband got sick. I always had the desire to be a full time artist, but let fear get in the way. Now that my husband is doing better and getting stronger, I’m excited to watch my business grow. I hope to encourage others through Just Greater Plans and provide a little bit of positivity through my art. Check out my blog for a more in depth look of what inspires me.